May 11, 2015

Sewing tutorials

Are you interested in sewing your own jilbabs, khimars, underscarves, children's amira headscarves etc? Take a look at for sewing classes, detailed sewing tutorials and patterns in shaa Allah. The sister who runs the website has shared several sewing tutorials and photos of her own designs. If you don't speak Russian many of the tutorials are available in English as well. 


  1. Anonymous12:06

    salamu aleykum,

    masha'a Allah barakaAllahu fiki, if only you could know how happy i'm to have discovered
    this sewingblog!
    I'm allways searching for tutorials of islamic garments!
    Here is a nice french sewing forum for Muslimahs with tutorials of Jilbabs and serwals and many other things.

  2. Wa alaykum salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,
    wa fiki. What is the URL for the French sewing forum?