Apr 12, 2015

Shopping links

This is a list of Islamic clothing stores online. If you would like to add your own favorites to the list, you may leave a comment below in sha Allah.

Al Moultazimoun 
Located in France, worldwide delivery available. Islamic clothing for the entire family - women, men, teenagers, children and babies. Al Moultazimoun jilbabs are great, a wide range of colors, styles, cuts and sizes, are available, even childrens and teenagers styles and sizes are available.

Sunnah Style
Located in Canada, worldwide delivery. Simple and plain abayas, hijaabs and niqabs in several colors and styles. Very nice quality and fast delivery.

Maktaba Ahloul Hadith
This one is a book store, but also jilbabs, niqabs and gloves by Umm Hafsa are available. Very reasonable shipping costs!

Tasnim Collections
Located in Morocco. Jilbabs, overhead, bisht and batwing abayas in different colors and materials. Also kaftans and accessories.

Located in France, Islamic clothing and accessories for women. A wide range of plain abayas, jilbabs etc in a variety of colors and styles. 

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